Chancellor Darrell T. Allison standing in front of FSU signage.


A Message from
Darrell T. Allison, JD

Welcome to the future of Fayetteville State University.

This strategic plan is our blueprint for success. Its five priorities—each with a bold set of goals and metrics—capture our deliberate intention to fulfill a promise: We are the university of human potential. Together, we help our students find their path and achieve their goals. Our graduates are ready for tomorrow.

The plan is also a calling to seize this moment in the university’s history. FSU is operating from a position of formidable strength. We set a record for enrollment in 2022. We’ve added new programs in emerging fields such as cybersecurity and military behavioral health. Our top-ranked online MBA program is also the most affordable program of its kind in the UNC system. We’re home to the best nursing program in the state, and we’re the largest HBCU producer of teachers in North Carolina.

Simply put, we respond to the needs of our students and the demands of the world. We invest in the promise of our city and our state. We give one of the country’s most diverse student populations—including non-traditional and military-affiliated students—the skills, the courage and the experience to make their way in the world.

We see education as a path to personal empowerment and social change. To students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, we say: “We see your potential. We’re here to help you fulfill it.”

Our founders taught us that great work doesn’t wait. When you see a need, you meet it. The future of FSU is waiting. Let’s build it together.

board of trustees

Mr. Glenn Adams
Ms. Joyce Adams
Mr. Stuart Augustine
Mr. Jerry Gregory
Dr. Kimberly Jeffries Leonard
Ms. Maya Martin,
SGA President
Dr. Warren McDonald
Mr. John McFadyen
Dr. Donald Moore
Mr. Fred Nelson, Jr.
Dr. Brandon Phillips
Mr. Greg Pinnix
Mr. Will Warner

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Fayetteville State University, a Historically Black College and University and the second oldest public university in North Carolina, offers robust and innovative bachelor’s and master’s degree programs rooted in the liberal arts tradition as well as the doctor of education. The university advances knowledge through the integration of teaching, learning, research and public service. FSU strives to meet the educational, career and personal aspirations of its traditional and non-traditional students from rural, military and other diverse backgrounds so that they are equipped with academic and practical knowledge to serve local, state, national and global communities as enlightened citizens, globally astute leaders and engaged solution creators.

We accomplish our mission through:

A rigorous academic environment

A student-centered education

Dedicated staff and scholarly faculty

Specialized offerings and services to meet the needs of traditional, online, non-traditional and military-affiliated students

Faculty and student engagement and partnerships with industry, employers, alumni and the community


Fayetteville State University, the second oldest public university in North Carolina and a constituent institution of the University of North Carolina System, will be the regional university of choice for students from rural, military—and other diverse backgrounds—who are poised to become visionary leaders who transform communities, states and nations.

core values

We are committed to transparency.​

Flexibility and Adaptability
We produce career- and life-ready global citizens.

Shared Governance
We engage all members of the university community in decision-making.​

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
We work collaboratively and effectively in a global society​.

Collaboration and Partnerships
We strengthen relationships among alumni, community members and other stakeholders​.

We creatively pursue excellence in our endeavors.

Cultural Connection
We preserve our HBCU legacy and pride and celebrate our diversity.

our priorities


elevate academic
student success

We will offer high-quality, affordable programs that equip FSU’s diverse student population with the necessary knowledge and skills to compete on a global level.


  1. Implement ambitious strategies to attract and grow targeted student populations, including military, transfer, first-time and full-time freshmen.
  2. Increase retention rates.
  3. Increase 4-year graduation rates and degree efficiency rates.
  4. Integrate cutting-edge technological innovation to foster technology-rich learning environments.
  5. Strengthen our capacity to offer high-ranking educational programs that prepare students for a competitive workforce that supports regional, state and global industries.
  6. Expand and increase student-faculty collaborative research, scholarship and creative activities.


Largest enrollment in over 20 years for fall 2022, increasing first-year, military-affiliated and transfer students

New majors: Cybersecurity, Sports & Fitness Management, Public Health

36 bachelor’s degrees, 18 master’s degrees, 1 doctoral degree

Students in a science lab.


Fayetteville State University students shaping the future of science through hands-on research in the lab.

Photo of the Greene family, with husband in military uniform.


Meet Haley, Joshua and their little hero, Noah, exemplifying dedication to duty and family.


enhance student
career development

We will integrate robust co-curricular student learning experiences that prepare students for 21st-century careers.


  1. Infuse high-impact practices and professional skills into curricular and co-curricular activities.
  2. Increase student access to impactful career trajectories through enhanced career development initiatives.
  3. Develop innovative cultural and global learning opportunities and programming.
  4. Create spaces campus-wide that meet the collaborative needs of 21st-century learners.
  5. Develop an expanded Health and Wellness Center that focuses on mental health and wellness.
  6. Enhance the educational experiences and support for military-connected students, adult learners and transfer students.


46% of students are adult learners—the largest percentage in the UNC system

#1 HBCU in the nation for educating military-affiliated students

Top 20 college in NC for social mobility


our campus

We will create a vibrant campus environment that promotes, supports and rewards excellence and innovation among employees and adapts to changing workforce environments.


  1. Recruit and retain a world-class faculty and workforce.
  2. Implement a customer care strategy that promotes the highest standards of service and increases campus engagement.
  3. Provide a broad range of leadership training and professional development initiatives.
  4. Develop opportunities and resources that facilitate work-life balance, supporting the business needs of the university, driving employee satisfaction, and supporting retention.


18:1 student to faculty ratio

Introduced a Customer Care initiative to keep customer engagement first

Developed the University Ombuds and Office of Equity to maintain a safe and inclusive environment

Photo of student and teacher in classroom.


Through engaging classroom interactions, FSU cultivates a generation of students who embrace curiosity, knowledge and the pursuit of greatness.

Photo of breaking ground ceremony.


FSU breaks ground on major campus developments (Chick- fil-A and Starbucks) at newly renamed Bronco Midtown (formerly Bronco Square) on October 20, 2022.


create impactful

We will create and enhance strategic collaborations with local, regional and national partners that expand the university’s footprint and increase our impact in the communities in which we live and serve.


  1. Invest in training and certification programs and centers that position the university as a leader in innovative, integrated and creative social and economic development activities.
  2. Increase opportunities for the university community through strong partnerships with military and industry leaders throughout our region and across the state.
  3. Promote and sustain community engagement initiatives and projects that have a positive impact on the economic development of the region.
  4. Create opportunities to conduct research with industry and national and international partners.


Expanded the Centers for Defense and Homeland Security and Enterprise Resource Planning and Advanced Analytics to offer certifications for degree- and non-degree-seeking students

Collaborated with partners including the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, Cape Fear Valley Health System, Cumberland County Schools and Fayetteville Technical Community College to offer opportunities for students and impact economic development throughout the region



We will invest in the future of the university, focusing on advanced technology and resources, raising support and awareness for the changing needs of the university, and supporting and implementing the university’s master plan.


  1. Align investments to deliver state-of-the-art technology resources and ecosystems that promote active learning, collaboration and career readiness.
  2. Continue FSU’s commitment to be one of the most affordable universities in the nation.
  3. Build and upgrade physical infrastructure to meet the strategic needs of the university.
  4. Maintain and implement a campus master plan that enables the realization of the university’s strategic plan.
  5. Diversify fundraising and engagement efforts to maximize investment opportunities to support the university.


Founded 1867

2nd oldest public university in North Carolina

Awarded nearly $5 million as part of Connecting Minority Communities initiative under federal Internet for All program

Photo of $5.8 million check.


Fundraising at FSU has increased exponentially. In 2022, FSU received a $5.8 million grant from Anonymous Trust, the largest single private gift in the university’s history, designed to foster student success.

ready for

We see education as a path to personal empowerment and social change.
To students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, we say:
“We see your potential. We’re here to help you fulfill it.”

We see education as a path to personal empowerment and social change. To students of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, we say: “We see your potential. We’re here to help you fulfill it.”

Contact Dr. Nicole Lucas, Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning, or (910) 672-2323 with any questions about the 2022-2027 FSU Strategic Plan.